Business Opportunity

Be a genuine help for companies to achieve efficiencies in their business process, with a niche software package easy to understand and implement. Many companies still don’t have a purchasing ‘platform’ to capture savings and are unaware of the true cost of this on their bottom line.

Tracman are looking to partner with enterprising individuals or companies to help market Tracman Mobile PO (Purchase ordering), both around New Zealand and internationally. There is no capital outlay to partner and training is provided to the right persons.

Although we consider the Construction and Demolition industries to be early adopters, Tracman’s suitability, benefits and value are clear to understand for any business, where employees are tasked to purchase on behalf of the company, from spare parts to office supplies or employee receipts.

So, any business is your potential client. Helpful would be a good understanding of the accounting process? Business owners are often busy, and therefore their accountant or accounts administration could be your point of contact.

Are your interpersonal skills honed? Have you got many contacts? Age or gender is no barrier to make money here, just a professional approach, tidy and keen to take control of your own network. Build a residual income.

Once you understand how Tracman helps companies streamline their purchase process, you will understand why Tracman is unique and blindingly simple.

There are many good software packages out there, including some from New Zealand. Tracman compliments those. Simple to install and easy to use, by client and staff. Many companies have not analysed their purchase role and are not aware the real cost per transaction. Clients who use Tracman can clearly save money and time streamlining their purchase processes.
Very easy to understand and use for all purchases, receipts and pack slips, yet smart enough to provide the business with controls and oversight.

Purchasing gone mobile
Considering the statistics on trends to a mobile environment, there is currently a rapid shift in transactions via mobile. We see that everywhere around us. Do you?
With all the features and benefits well explained on our website. Take a look, digest, and respond if you want to know more. The world is your oyster.
In the first instance, please provide your details with a brief work summary (not a full CV),
or phone Phil van Loghem – Director.

Mob: + 64 21 783 453